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Hosiery Mate® is a rinse-free cleaner that cleans and extends the life of your most delicate hosiery in just three minutes.

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Hosiery Mate® is a gentle solution that cleans, conditions, and deodorizes hosiery. Our patented formula eliminates static cling while preserving the elasticity and color of your hosiery. This wash both strengthens and softens delicate synthetic fibers to extend the wear life. The fresh lavender scent will leave your hosiery silky and clean. This hosiery wash works great for both hand and machine washing. Hosiery Mate® is effective on compression hose as well.

Hosiery Mate® is phosphate, bleach and dye free. Gentle for you and the planet. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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13 reviews for Hosiery Mate®

  1. Judy – Waltham Mass

    my grandmother and mom used hosiery mate all the time. I love it in the washing machine..hose last so much longer

  2. Alexis – atlanta

    I never travel without it. Great for an easy clean up in any hotel sink. life saver for frequent traveler

  3. Judy – San Francisco

    Love that it is rinse free!! So easy

  4. Jan – Milwaukee

    I have been using Hosiery Mate for 20 years. Works great! I have tried many other cleaners and nothing comes close

  5. Bill – Michigan

    I was reading the section under “wash tips” for hosiery mate, and I”ve found that you can wash up to 4-6 pairs of sheer/semi-sheer/opaque knee highs or compression knee-highs per capful of Hosiery Mate (per half sink of warm water).

  6. Jane – Maplewood MN

    I have nylons that have lasted 3 years. I do not get any runs or snags. I love the smell. I thought at first the price was high but it lasted forever!

  7. Will P – Las Vegas

    I’ve found that I can wash up to 6 pairs of knee-hi’s per capful of hosiery mate (separating dark and light colored knee-hi’s), so your recommendation of between 4 to 6 pairs appears to be accurate.

  8. Tarrie – MN

    I”ve used Hosiery Mate for several years and it”s absolutely the best. Local stores no longer carry it, but it”s definitely worth the price to order and pay postage.

  9. NY; USA – Albion

    I”ve been using this product for years- it”s one of the few products that consistently does what it says it does- it”s easy and smells lovely. It lengthens the life of your hosiery and does so painlessly!

  10. Wilma – Rock Rapids, Ia

    Have used for years. It deoderizes, cleans and extends wear marvelously!!

  11. Ann – Los Angeles

    I like this product and have been unable to find it locally. It does extend the life of the hosiery.

  12. Cathy – Ohio

    This is the best rinse free wash on the planet. I have been using it for ever. Thanks Hosiery Mate!!

  13. Debra – San Diego

    I am delighted that this product is still available. I used to buy it at Penney”s but shame on them they no longer carry it. This product does exactly what it says it does. I have had some pantyhose for over 5 years now, and I use this product exclusively on them. It is a wonderful product. Thank you so much.

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