How It Works

When you do finally gather the ideal collection of hosiery, lingerie, sportswear, and activewear, it’s only natural to want to keep them in good shape as long as possible. Our delicate washes are designed to do just that. This cleaner helps to strengthen delicate fibers to extend wear life, while preserving the quality and color of the fabric. Here’s a look at the science behind our specially-formulated washes.

1. Each of our concentrated washes begin a chain of protective actions on your garment the moment they hit warm water. Once the garment has been submerged in the water and wash solution, the cleaning process begins. The solution gently lifts dirt, soil, and perspiration, and keeps impurities at the water surface to prevent them from redepositing elsewhere on the garment.

2. Next, our washes bond with the fibers in your clothing to strengthen the fabric and rejuvenate the elasticity. Most detergents attack a fabric and destroy it along with the dirt. With our Mates, the fabric is strengthened, and your garments come clean in a matter of seconds. Best of all, it is rinse-free, eliminating a step from the cleaning process.

3. All of our washes bond to the fibers, creating a protective coating. In addition to strengthening weakened fibers and preserving quality and color, our delicates washes will also leave your garments clean and smelling like fresh lavender or citrus. Once washed, your delicates can be laid flat or hung to dry.

We all know that it can be tricky to properly care for our delicates. From everyday bras and panties to special-occasion slips and swimwear, this special formula helps to remove perspiration, body oils, stains, and other common contaminants, while preserving the fabric for future use.

How Does It Work


Adding Hosiery Mate to water releases an emulsified resin polymer that bonds to the fibers. It creates a protective coating while allowing the mild detergent system to lift out soil and perspiration. The soil is then kept in suspension rather than being deposited onto the hosiery, so that each garment comes out of the hosiery wash clean. Rinsing is unnecessary.

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