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Close up hand washing in plastic bowl Give your fashion stockings and compression hosiery the special attention they deserve with our specially-formulated Hosiery Mate®. This cleaner protects your socks, stockings, and fashion tights, keeps the elasticity and makes them last longer. Our gentle solution cleans, conditions, and deodorizes hosiery, prevents runs and snags, and eliminates static cling.

Why use a special wash for hosiery?

Each time you launder your hosiery with traditional soap or detergent, the synthetic fibers deteriorate. Once weakened, these fibers are highly susceptible to sagging, snags, and runs.

Our effective cleaning formula works to preserve the elasticity and color of your hosiery, while strengthening these fabrics to extend their wear life. Hosiery Mate® features a fresh lavender scent that is subtle, yet alluring. The gentle formula is also made with high-quality ingredients that leave your hosiery feeling clean, soft and silky.
Hosiery Mate® is designed to work for both hand and machine washing. It is effective on all types of hosiery fabrics, and works on compression hose as well. Our cleaning formula is bleach, phosphate, and dye-free, meaning that it’s gentle for you and for the planet.

How to Hand Wash Hosiery:

•Pour four capfuls of Hosiery Mate® into a sink filled with warm water. Swish garment around for 15 seconds
•Gently squeeze out excess water. Do not wring garment. The best way to remove extra moisture is to place the garment between two towels and apply light pressure. The towels will absorb the excess liquid without damaging the fabric.
• Lay the garment flat or hang to dry

How to Machine Wash Hosiery:

•Add two to four oz. of Hosiery Mate® to a small load.
• Use warm water
• HE machine approved

Stockings, fashion tights, and other types of hosiery can be difficult to wash due to their delicate nature. Hosiery Mate® is the ideal protection for your delicates, ensuring the longest life possible for your expensive hosiery. Try our rinse-free formula to ensure that your hosiery comes out fresh and beautiful after each wash.

Note: Keep this product out of reach of children and pets.

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