Q. Where can I find a store that carries Hosiery Mate®?

A. Hosiery Mate® is carried in most major department stores and many specialty shops. Contact us to find a store near you.

Q. Where can I find Leotard Mate?

A. The use of the trade name Leotard Mate® has been discontinued and replaced with the Activewear Mate® name. The new Mate can be used on leotards, activewear, dancewear, swimwear, bike shorts, skating dresses, tennis gear, wet suits, crop tops, boxers and more. Activewear Mate® sports a clean citrus fragrance and has a new improved formula.

Q. How long is the shelf life?

A. All of our delicate washes have a shelf life of five years or longer if kept in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperature changes may shorten the shelf life.

Q. The bottle says "rinse free". How can all the dirt be removed if you don't rinse?

A. Our washes are emulsions designed  to lifts dirt and perspiration out of the fabric. Once removed the soil is then kept in suspension in the water and won’t adhere to the garment. Rinsing is not necessary as there is no soapy residue to remove. Additionally our Mates contain  resin polymers that bond and strengthen fabrics, extending the life and preventing piling, runs, snags and tears. Your garment last longer and look like new. Keep colors fast and eliminate annoying static cling.

If you wish to rinse, add a half capful of our Mate to your garment under running water.  Rinsing is optional and won’t prevent you from enjoying all the benefits from washing with our Mates.

Q. Can I use it in the washing machine?

A. Yes, all of our washes are HE machine approved. We recommend using warm water and the delicate cycle. We suggest separating fine washables using one of our lace wash bags to protect delicates from the agitator.

Q. What are the washing instructions?

A. Washing instructions are located on the back of each bottle. For best results we recommend hand washing. When machine washing we suggest separating delicate garments using a lace wash bag. For more washing instructions click here.

Q. Do Activewear Mate® and Lingerie Mate® work on cotton blends?

A. Yes, both Mates work well on cotton blends that contain synthetic fibers.

Q. Are Activewear Mate® and Lingerie Mate® effective stain removers?

A. Definitely. Both Mates can remove some of the toughest stains. Pour 1 capful directly on the stain and gently rub. Allow garment to soak overnight. For best results, wash the garment with a Mate as soon as possible after it is stained.

Q. Can Hosiery Mate®, Lingerie Mate® and Activewear Mate® be used interchangeably?

A. Yes, Mates can be used interchangeably and with good results. Each Mate is specifically designed for a certain type of clothing. Hosiery Mate® is formulated specially for hosiery and nylon fabrics. Lingerie Mate® is formulated for delicates. Activewear Mate® is formulated to remove sweat and odor from performance wear, synthetic fabrics and blends. In order to obtain the best possible results we recommend using products as directed.

Q. Can Hosiery Mate® be used on tights?

A. We suggest using Hosiery Mate® on sheer or semi-sheer tights. We recommend using Activewear Mate® on opaque tights because of the heavier composition of the material.

Q. My Hosiery Mate® smells sour. Did it go bad?

A. It's possible. When Hosiery Mate® is subjected to extreme changes in temperature, the product tends to exhibit the symptoms described above. Please be assured that rigorous quality control standards are implemented during the manufacturing and shipping processes. Please contact us should this occur.

Q. My Hosiery Mate® is lumpy. Is this normal?

A. If the bottle has not been used or moved for an extended period of time the solution may separate. We recommend shaking the bottle before using. If there is still a problem, please contact us.

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