Rinse-Free Custom Washes

Our rinse-free washes are quick, easy to use and are highly effective. In just three easy steps your favorite pieces are clean, fresh and bright. Protect your delicate hosiery, compression hosiery, and lingerie with our specially formulated hosiery and lingerie washes. Activewear Mate® and Swim Mate® are recommended to extend the life and look of your active and swim wear.

Why Use Our Mates?

  • Protects & Strengthens Fabrics
  • Eliminates Snags & Static Cling
  • Keeps Colors Bright
  • Maintains & Protects Elasticity
  • Makes Your Clothing Last Longer

Hosiery Mate® is a rinse-free cleaner that gently cleans and extends the life of your most delicate hosiery in just three minutes.

Swim Mate® is a gentle rinse-free wash that keeps colors bright and elastic tight in just three minutes.

Activewear Mate® is a gentle rinse-free wash that cleans, conditions and deodorizes in just three minutes.

Lingerie Mate® is a gentle rinse-free wash that eliminates static cling and makes lingerie last longer in just three easy steps.

Custom Washes for Hosiery,
Lingerie, Activewear and Swimwear

Laundering your clothing with most cleaners cause both natural and synthetic fibers to break down and deteriorate, which ultimately leads to sagging and snagging. Our washes strengthen synthetic fibers, such as spandex and polyester, rayon, nylon, and many others. Whether you choose to machine wash or hand wash your clothes, hose and lingerie, count on our Mates to keep them in the best shape possible.

Don’t wash your delicate clothing with just any cleaner -they require a little more TLC. Bras, panties, camisoles, slips, hosiery, nightgowns, and bustiers often contain silky, lacy, or ornate features that require customized care to keep them looking fresh and feeling comfortable.

Our specialized washes help to keep your favorite clothing looking their best by preserving their elasticity and color. The fresh-scented cleaners also help to avoid runs and snags as well as eliminate static cling. From your favorite lingerie to other special care items, our special formula removes body oils, perspiration, and stains, while cleaning and preserving fabrics. Our washes are gentle enough for everyday use on fashion hose, compression hose and support hose as well.

Caring for favorite clothes with our Mates will keep the elastic from sagging and losing shape.  Eliminate static cling. Wear your bras, panties, hosiery, lingerie, swimwear, active wear, and shapewear longer.  Just Pour, Swish and Squeeze.  It is quick and easy!  Rinse-Free care for delicates. Maintain the beauty, the look, and the life of your fine fabrics when you care for them with our washes.

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