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Lingerie Mate® is a gentle one-step rinse-free wash that cleans, conditions, and deodorizes in just three minutes.

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Lingerie Mate® is a gentle wash that cleans, conditions, and deodorizes lingerie. Our patented formula eliminates static cling while preserving the elasticity and color of your lingerie. This wash both strengthens and softens delicate fibers to extend the wear life. Ideal for hand washing delicates such as bras, panties, slips, teddies, night gowns and spandex garments.The fresh lavender scent will leave your lingerie clean and silky.

Why a special wash for lingerie?
Laundering your lingerie with soap or detergent, especially when using a washing machine, causes the synthetic fibers to deteriorate which make them more susceptible to snagging and sagging. Lingerie Mate’s formula contains resin polymers that strengthen delicate fibers to prolong the life of your garments.

Lingerie Mate® is phosphate, bleach and dye free. Gentle for you and the planet. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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5 reviews for Lingerie Mate®

  1. Cindy – New York

    I wash all my lingerie in lingerie mate. Great for removing stains. I soak it overnight. Works like a charm…

  2. Kathleen – Bronxville NY

    Soap irritates my legs. I have been hospitalized 10 times for cellulitis and Lingerie Mate is the only thing that does not lead to itchy and dry skin. I love your product,

  3. Rosemary W – Street, MD

    your product has been keeping my bras alive. I am so happy with your product. My bras have lasted much longer than they should and it is due to your product. My favorite bras are always being discontinued and I appreciate your product so that I can have them longer. I don”t know how it works but it does. Thank you!

  4. judy – ILLINOIS

    I was so happy to discover Lingerie Mate works wonderfully on all cotton shirt stains! My husband’s favorite Burberry all cotton polo shirt that he has had for about 4 years got a few oily stains on the stomach. I didn’t see the stains and put the shirt from the washing machine into the dryer and locked the stain in the shirt. We were both so disheartened to have to replace it. I said let me try one more thing before we give up. I soaked the shirt overnight in a basin of Lingerie Mate with one capful in the water and the second capful right on the stain. I rubbed it in a little too. I then put it in the washing machine and dryer again (again before looking at it by mistake) and it came out perfect! I was so happy. Now my husband found some other shirts he would like me to save. It’s worth it! Thanks for making a great product!

  5. Marsha – New Jersey

    Works as advertised! I was skeptical but now I”m a believer. I have tried lots of cleaners but this is by far the best..reasonably priced too

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