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Long-haired blonde woman using washing machine at home Gym clothes and fitness apparel take a lot of abuse during your workouts. To remove traces of sweat and dirt, and to keep fabrics clean and flexible, it’s important to practice proper cleaning techniques with quality products. Our special cleaner offers a gentle wash designed to clean, condition, and deodorize your activewear, while strengthening and softening the delicate fibers to prolong wear life.

Activewear Mate® is the perfect solution for cleaning workout wear and gear. Its fresh citrus scent effectively eliminates tough odors and perspiration, while making your fitness apparel look and smell clean and fragrant. This gentle rinse-free wash can be used for all of your activewear cleaning needs, from your running and yoga clothes, to your golf gloves and hats. This solution is also highly versatile, and can be used in hand-washing or machine-washing.

Use Activewear Mate® for all of your synthetic fibers, blends, and cotton fabrics to keep your activewear in excellent condition long-term. Each time you launder your synthetic fitness apparel with regular soap or detergent, you run the risk of the fibers deteriorating, especially when washed in a washing machine. When clothing fibers weaken, they become highly susceptible to sagging, snags, and tears.

Handwashing your workout gear with Activewear Mate® is fast and simple.

•Pour four capfuls of Activewear Mate® into a sink filled with warm water
•Swish the garment around and allow it to soak for three minutes.
•Gently squeeze out excess water. Do not wring garment. The best way to remove extra moisture is to place the garment between two towels and apply light pressure. The towels will absorb the excess liquid without damaging the fabric.
•Lay flat or hang to dry

How to Machine Wash Your Activewear:

•Add two to four ounces of Activewear Mate® to a small load. Gauge based on weight of stockings and size of load.
•Use warm water
•HE machine approved

Once the soak session is over, gently squeeze out any excess water, but do not wring the garment. The most efficient way to remove excess moisture is by placing the garment between two towels and applying light pressure. Lay the garment flat or hang to dry.

To keep your gym clothes, sportswear, and workout gear as clean and fresh as possible, pick up a bottle of Activewear Mate®. The phosphate-free, bleach-free, and dye-free formula is gentle on fabrics, soft on your skin, and non-damaging to the planet. When Activewear Mate® is not in use, keep it out of the reach of children and pets. With regular use, this gentle cleaner could add years to the life of your workout gear.

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