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The Hosiery Mate® Company was started 50 years ago in Chicago by an inquisitive and inventive young optometrist. Always looking for a better way to do things he developed Hosiery Mate®, a cleaner for women’s hose.

Hosiery Mate® has proved through the years that it does prevent runs and snags, eliminate static build up and most incredibly bonds itself to the nylon fibers and strengthens them.

Hosiery Mate® does not require rinsing the garment after washing and never leaves a soapy residue. The soil and dirt are left in suspension in the wash water. Hosiery Mate® is a cleaning product so unique that it qualified to become one of a just a handful of cleaning products that could qualify and obtain a US Patent. Hosiery Mate® is environmentally friendly, simple to use and most importantly it worked.

The Company was able to develop a line of specialty cleaners for support and fashion hosiery, lingerie, swimsuits and active wear. Advertised only by word of mouth, the product was sold out of the trunk of a car, the old fashioned way, one store at a time. Thousands of loyal customers care for their garments with our Mates.

Today the third generation of the family carries on the tradition and manufactures the same extraordinary cleaning products using the original formulas. Our Mates are often copied, but never duplicated. Hosiery Mate® has proven to be be most effective on surgical and compression hosiery, protecting the expensive and widely utilized hosiery from excessive wear and prolonging the life of each pair when used consistently .

The core values that guide the company company have been defined and strictly adhered to. Those principals are practiced and strictly adhered to. The core values that we live by are:

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  • Every Customer deserves Exceptional Service
  • Strive to exceed expectations
  • Maintain the highest quality standard possible consistently
  • Be Creative and Open-Minded
  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Build Open and Honest Relationships through clear Communication
  • Build and maintain a Positive Team Spirit
  • Respect the Environment and protect the world we live in
  • Be Passionate and Determined

Our products are manufactured in a modern facility in Illinois. The company remains committed to  manufacturing in the USA and using components from companies located in the USA.  Hosiery Mate® is deeply committed to doing business with local merchants and individuals in communities throughout the United States and Canada. 

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